FxTC Roadmap

2018 Q2

– Blockchain launch ✔
– Network stabilization ✔
– Exchange listing request ✔
– DEX protocol whitepaper ✔
– Core 0.17 development start ✔

2018 Q3

– Smooth block reward halving ✔
– PoS mining implementation 🕑
– DEX protocol implementation 🕑
– NiceHash resistant block rewards 🕑
– Negotiations with EU-based bank 🕑

2018 Q4

– Core 0.17 released ✔
– DEX web interface
– Blockchain based document authenticity verification
– ASIC resistant MTP algo implementation
– Fiat mining algo implementation

2019 Q1

– DEX beta launch
– Alpha fiat to crypto atomic swaps
– Negotiations with world-wide payment processor

2019 Q2

– Wallet modularity implementation
– Blockchain based fiat wallet launch

2019 Q3

– Multichain wallet implementation
– Blockchain based CRM services

2019 Q4

– Blockchain based ERP services
– Blockchain based MRP services
– Blockchain based SCP services

2020 Q1


FxTC initial release available

Initial version of FxTC Core has been released today. That’s the first Core 0.16 coin with Dash masternodes implemented. All other Dash features (privatesend, instantsend, keepass, etc.) will be implemented later with PoS mining and other interesting stuff. By the end of June coin will be listed on first exchange and masternode listing website. Exchange will be chosen by demand. Most wanted masternode VPS setup guide is also already almost done. Later this year DEX protocol will be added in cooperation with PHC team so FxTC Core will be truly universal coin for all types of deployments. Main goal is FxTC to be the best coin to replace fiat currencies and become the world-wide payment method for goods and services. Welcome and enjoy the change!